Hire our dedicated testing team

from Zeksta

Hire our highly talented and dedicated software testers & QA specialists who understand the importance of a quality product. Our developers strive to provide high-quality, error-free software solutions to meet your business needs. We at zeksta follow a flexible hiring model to help you choose developers that best suit your needs. You can hire our QA & testing team either as a part of your internal team or as a separate offshore team.

Software Testing & QA

Zeksta technology provides a wide range of software testing services and solutions to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses, all over the world.

Our experienced and skilled quality assurance professionals at Zeksta will put you in complete control of all product development aspects and immediately work on solutions that add value to your company.  We provide both stand-alone and integrated QA services to ensure that all of your deliverables meet the industry’s highest quality standards.

To ensure the best results for our clients, we use best practices and cutting-edge technology. We use proven practices in our testing procedures so that you can have cost-effective, market-ready software that meets all regulatory standards.

Benefits of QA & Software testing

Keep problems at bay

Problems with specific software, particularly those that work with sensitive data, can result in communication breakdowns, massive blackouts, and data leaks. These can be avoided by Testing and QA.

Saves time

Helps you reduce the manual workforce and avoid repetitive tasks. You can employ humans in more strategic tasks and make use of automation to get 100% consistent and accurate results.

Saves money

Problems with specific Automation testing aids in the early detection of bugs and issues, allowing you to save money. These tests can detect problems at an early stage, before they become more expensive to fix as the development process progresses or, worse after the product has been completed.

Results in better user experience

A great User experience means the end product must be simple, easy to use, intuitive, free of errors, and efficient for the end-user. A thorough testing procedure will ensure that customers receive a valuable, dependable, and highly interactive end product.

Our software testing services

Automation testing

QA Automation assists organizations in improving the quality and efficiency of their products. Automated testing is excellent for producing better software in a short period of time while maintaining a high level of regression testing. We create customized automated test scripts to thoroughly evaluate each stage of the software development cycle.

Performance testing

Our expert testers focus on Performance Testing to maximize the user-friendliness of your software app. We ensure that your app and servers run at peak performance, stability, and responsiveness. We use tried-and-tested methodologies for load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, and performance benchmarking to deliver consistent results on all tested applications and software.

Manual testing

Manual testing experts at Zeksta bring a unique combination of testing processes, tools, technology expertise, and domain knowledge to ensure your product is delivered without defects or delays. Manual testing services examine software applications from the perspective of the end-user. This is a comprehensive service that includes UI, Usability, Installation, User Acceptance, Error Handling, and Security testing.

QA consulting

From planning to implementation, we provide a full range of QA consulting services. With the help of our expert Quality Assurance Consultants, we assist you in identifying all speed bumps and talent gaps in your QA development process. We will guide you through the best testing practices, methodologies, and technologies for your specific requirements.

Our test automation approach

  • Analyze the requirement
  • Define the automation scope
  • Tool selection & Automation architecture design
  • Automated test script & test data creation
  • Executing test automation script & data validation
  • Automated performance test for scalable backend

Why choose Zeksta for Software testing & QA?

Agile approach

We employ agile methodology for software testing. Our teams are proficient and adaptable to the most recent technological methods and standards in order to identify sprints and deliver best-in-class, high-performing software applications.


We engage our clients throughout the development process by communicating the status of the project, taking feedback, and working on required changes and improvements. Allowing access to real-time project tracking through video conferencing, online tools & platforms ensures transparency.

Dedicated development team

Our developers have years of expertise in providing the best QA & testing services. Our developers are well versed in the latest technologies and put their skills to use in providing the best software solutions to clients.

Hiring Process

Full-Time Hiring

8 hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 2 Month

Part Time Hiring

4 hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

Depends on hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
7 Days