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Our zestful team of salesforce developers use the latest resources and tools in their arsenal to deliver end-to-end Salesforce development solutions. We follow a flexible engagement model that will allow you to accommodate changes in your business requirements as we progress through the development cycle.

You can hire our dedicated Salesforce development team either as a part of your internal team or as a separate offshore team, whichever suits your requirement.

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Why choose Salesforce over other platforms

Salesforce is a widely used open-source JavaScript-based framework governed by google to develop web and mobile applications. Most developers these days are using Salesforce development services. One of the major reasons to use Salesforce is its out-of-the-box functionalities and its rich features that offer unmatched performance. More importantly, Salesforce comes with ready-made components that help in the scaling of your project making it an ideal choice for enterprise applications. The fact that it is easier to build real-time applications using Salesforce makes it even more appealing as it has two-way data binding. This makes it a very reliable and flexible framework for developing Gmail-like applications.S

Salesforce features

MVC Framework

It is a layout that separates the application into a model, controller, and view. Each has been given a different set of duties.

User Interface with HTML

By leveraging HTML as a template language, the Salesforce framework makes it simpler for programmers to design dynamic web sites.

Dependency injection

A built-in dependency injection subsystem in Salesforce makes it simpler for developers to create, comprehend, and test applications.


Your application can become a single page application with the aid of the routing module.

Two way binding

The coolest feature of Salesforce allows you concentrate on your application instead of creating a lot of code.


Salesforce makes it easy for you to add new characteristics to HTML. Directives are the name for these properties.

Salesforce Development Company

Zeksta Technologies is a leading Salesforce development company in India. Being a certified web development company, we craft dynamic, responsive and highly functional Salesforce web and mobile applications that are secure, adaptable and scalable. Our highly skilled team of Salesforce developers follow the proven website development strategies and Salesforce methodologies to build rich single page, cross-platform applications with user-friendly features and responsive UI design. We carefully study and understand your business needs, and create web platforms that deliver a seamless performance!

Benefits of Salesforce

  • Reduced Cost and time of development
  • Scalability
  • Rest API friendly
  • Multiple Browser Compatibility
  • Reusable due to HTML components
  • Faster development due to MVC
  • Mobile friendly
  • Smart change detection

Our Salesforce development Expertise

Custom Salesforce Development

We build custom, scalable, performance-driven Salesforce applications that are tailored to your business requirements

UI/UX Development

We create dynamic and interactive web pages for mobile and desktop applications that are user friendly providing the best user experience.

API development

Our Salesforce development company in India provides high performing and scalable enterprise oriented API development services as per the specific needs of your business.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Zeksta’s Salesforce development team offers consulting services if you need help with understanding Salesforce technology or the process.

Migration and upgradation services

We specialize in migration and upgradation services, ensuring Salesforce applications stay updated with latest web development and technological trends.

Maintenance and support

Our Salesforce development team provides maintenance service and round the clock support to all your queries ensuring a consistent performance of the applications.

Why you should hire dedicated Salesforce developers from zeksta

At a fair price, Zeksta Salesforce Development Company provides world-class web development solutions. Our user-centric approach and Salesforce experience guarantee to add value for your customers. Here are a few factors that make choosing us better.

Agile Development Approach
We use agile development technique to create web and mobile applications that are of the highest quality, are versatile, are trustworthy, and are economical.
Dedicated Salesforce Development Team
Our Salesforce development team, which is highly competent, uses their in-depth expertise and years of experience to design reliable, fast web and mobile applications.
Visually Appealing Design
We use Salesforce to create online applications that have a beautiful, highly responsive design, and a user interface that is suitable for mobile devices.
Advanced security
To provide the highest level of security for your online apps, we implement cutting-edge security methods including high security plugins, data encryption, and secure admin dashboard, among others.
Regular Testing
To ensure that quality is never compromised and that the end user has a hassle-free experience, we regularly test and bug repair our apps.
Client Satisfaction
Our Salesforce development company uses the latest frameworks and technologies to build applications that deliver a seamless performance that goes beyond clients expectations.

Industries we serve


The Salesforce web development team at Zeksta has particular expertise in creating cutting-edge e-healthcare solutions. For healthcare services, we develop complete web & mobile healthcare applications.


We offer e-learning solutions such as learning management systems, corporate learning portals, online courses, and professional online training web apps.

Media & Entertainment

By creating online promotion tools, social networking development tools, media content distribution channels, etc., our Salesforce development team in India serves the media and entertainment sector.

Banking and Finance

Using the most up-to-date instruments and technology, we offer specialized banking & financial software development solutions that boost operational effectiveness and agility.

Transport and logistics

We create software for logistics and transportation that make it simple to run day-to-day operations, boosting your ROI.


We’ve developed software solutions for automobile brands for many years. We create enticing and engaging car websites that improve user experience.

Hire dedicated Salesforce developers based on your requirement


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Minimum 2 Month

Part Time

4 hrs / day
5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Minimum 1 Month


Depends on hrs / day

5 days / week

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7 Days

FAQ's On Hire dedicated Salesforce developers

One of the main factors contributing to Salesforce’s appeal to web developers is its modularity. Multiple modules can be created by web developers for a single web application. These modules are all interdependent, so programmers may easily join them to produce a single functioning application. Robustness, platform independence, and browser support are other factors.

Yes, we design every website and mobile app with a variety of search engines in mind. While creating the app, our angular js developers follow the search engine requirements.