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Our team of kotlin app developers use the latest resources and tools in their arsenal to deliver end-to-end cross platform applications. We follow a flexible engagement model for cross platform app development that will allow you to accommodate changes in your business requirements.

You can hire kotlin developers team either as a part of your internal team or as a separate offshore team, whichever suits your requirement.

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Kotlin app development company

Zeksta technology is a kotlin app development company in India. We offer Kotlin app development services for developing world-class cross platform apps. Our team of developers is well-versed in Kotlin app development. We take your cross platform app development project a level up with Kotlin  and transform your ideas into a thriving business.

If you’re looking to hire Kotlin developers from India for your next cross platform project, look no further. Now Hire dedicated kotlin developers from Zekta at an affordable cost.

Our kotlin app development services

Kotlin app development

As an experienced Kotlin application development company, we have sufficient resources and expertise to develop high-performance, custom and top Native cross platform Apps using Kotlin.

Kotlin app optimization

We analyze your application’s current codes and restructure it effectively to eliminate any possible errors. We house a specialized team who performs thorough routine checks of your Kotlin app and optimize it whenever required


Kotlin app testing

Our Kotlin testing services include thorough tests for your Kotlin applications to ensure smooth performance. This guarantees that your app is completely error-free even after it has been released.

Kotlin app migration

We can guarantee a smooth transition of your cross platform app written in any technology to Kotlin. We specialize in converting cross platform applications from Java to Kotlin in order to take advantage of contemporary language and advanced capabilities.

Kotlin app upgradation

We provide upgradation services for your app. As a Kotlin development company, our team of developers provide upgrade services to ensure the app is future-ready.

Why choose zeksta as your Kotlin app development partner?

Agile development approach

We practice agile development methodology to ensure a high quality, flexible, reliable and cost effective web and mobile applications.

Dedicated development team

Our highly skilled development team leverages their in-depth knowledge and years of experience to build robust, high-performance cross platform applications.

Visually appealing design

We build cross platform applications with an elegant design that is highly responsive and has a mobile friendly user interface.

Advanced security

We incorporate advanced security measures like high security plugins, data encryption, secure admin dashboard etc.to ensure maximum security to your  cross platform applications

Regular testing

We conduct testing and bug fixing of cross platform apps regularly to ensure quality is not compromised at any point, thus offering  a hassle free experience to the end user.

Client satisfaction

We use the latest frameworks and technologies to build cross platform applications that deliver a seamless performance that goes beyond clients expectations.

Why choose Kotlin for cross platform app development?

Safe & simple

When compared to Java, this language is designed to require more compact coding. Shorter coding also means fewer bugs. Moreover, Kotlin’s compiler can ensure the program’s accuracy to the maximum extent possible, resulting in fewer/no run-time crashes.

Easy setup

The introduction of cross platform Studio 3.0 makes using Kotlin setup much easier. Simply check the ‘Include Kotlin Support’ box when creating a new project in cross platform Studio.


Better performance

Despite the fact that Kotlin is a relatively new language, it addresses various Java backgrounds, assisting mobile app developers in making their final products far more efficient.


One of the key reasons for the success of the Kotlin language is its ability to coexist with Java. This Java-based programming language makes it easier to integrate Kotlin into an existing project with existing Java code.

Hire Kotlin Developers as per your Requirement

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8 hrs / day

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Hiring Period
Minimum 2 Month

Part Time Hiring

4 hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

Depends on hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
7 Days