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Zeksta houses highly talented and dedicated.NET  developers who are well trained in .NET technology . Our developers strive to provide the most effective and cost-efficient software solutions to meet your business needs.  We at zeksta follow a flexible hiring model to help you choose developers that best suit your needs. You can hire our development team either as a part of your internal team or as a separate offshore team.
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.NET Development Company

Zeksta technology is one of the renowned .NET development companies in India. Our .NET development services are a combination of our expertise in .NET technology with modern frameworks and technologies that meets your business needs. Our team of .NET developers with their in-depth knowledge in the .NET framework build result-oriented and innovative apps using the agile-based methodology. We help you stay ahead of your competitors by growing your business with our secure, fast, and real-time .NET development services.

About .NET

 NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform developed by Microsoft for building different types of applications. You can use.NET to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT using a variety of languages, editors, and libraries.

Our .NET development services

Custom .NET application development

We develop custom windows desktop and mobile applications. We provide solutions that are tailored to your project requirements.

Enterprise App development

Our experienced .NET developers develop secure & scalable high-performance enterprise-grade applications that will help you run your operations smoothly.

Third-party integration

Our .NET experts will ensure smooth third-party integration with other Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.

Application up-gradation

We provide application up-gradation services. Upgrading your current tech stack results in better performance and speed.

Application migration

If you want to migrate your existing application to .NET or migrate the ASP.NET framework to cross-platform .NET Core, our .NET experts will do it efficiently.

Support & Maintenance

Our .NET testers perform regular testing and quality checks to keep your apps bug-free. We provide round-the-clock support if your application faces any issues.

Why choose zeksta as your .NET development company?

Dedicated development team
Our. Net developers have years of expertise in .NET development. Our .NET developers are well versed in the latest technologies and put their skills to use in providing the best software solutions to clients.
We build end-to-end .NET applications that are highly secure. We ensure maximum security by employing advanced security measures.
Our highly skilled .NET developers implement product development strategies and resources for the project that cut costs without compromising on time, quality, and performance.
Regular Quality checks
Our .NET developers perform regular quality checks including code reviews to ensure that your apps are bug-free. We also conduct audits to ensure consistency in application performance.
Client engagement
We engage our clients throughout the .NET web and app development process, maintaining complete transparency by communicating the status of the project, taking feedback to work on required changes and improvements.

Advantages of using the .NET framework

Requires less coding

Due to its object-oriented methodology, it eliminates excess coding. This means developers can write fewer codes as .NET has plenty of re-usable elements.  This saves a lot of time and costs to create applications.

Easy deployment of codes

The.NET Framework provides options, such as no-impact applications, controlled code sharing, and side-by-side versioning, which ensures that the code is deployed with the fewest conflicts possible.

Easy memory management

In the case of other programming languages, Programmers are in charge of allocating and releasing memory.  In.NET Framework applications, the CLR performs these functions on the application’s behalf.

Increased application security

ASP. NET has Windows confirmation and configuration which provides increased application security. Advanced features such as managed code and CLR offer security options such as code access security and role-based security.

Hire. net Developers as per your Requirement

Full-Time Hiring

8 hrs / day

5 days / week

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Hiring Period
Minimum 2 Month

Part Time Hiring

4 hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

Depends on hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
7 Days