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Hire Dedicated Website, App & Software Developers From India

Save up to 50% on your Website, App & Software development cost by hiring developers from us.Looking for highly skilled programmers from India to scale your development team ?

Zeksta Technology is an internationally recognized full-stack software development company. Hire dedicated developers and programmers from us on an hourly or monthly basis, we can build it all as per your requirements.

If you are an independent consultant, an enterprise, a new start up or a mobile app development company, Hire dedicated Sr. developers from us to work according to your time zone, deadline and milestone

Front End Technologies

React Js

Hire React JS developers from us who have helped many startups and enterprises implement React JS

Polymer JS

we help you to build a web application in PolymerJS from expert developers to see steady scale up in your business.


Get custom Vue.JS application developed projects by implementing the latest methodologies to get the best output.


We offer the best cost-effective bootstrap development service for a web application or website development projects.

Ember JS

Hire expert Ember js developers from us & we guarantee the highest quality service regardless of the deadline & pricing.


Hire dedicated robust Angular Js development team from us to develop powerful, flexible and scalable web applications.

Polymer JS

We help you to build a web application in PolymerJS from expert developers to see steady scale up in your business.

Mean Stack

Hire Mean Stack Developer from us to add up the value of your web application at low cost and get high-quality work.

MERN Stack

Hire MERN Stack developers from us on an hourly or full time to develop the best web, mobile or desktop applications.

Backbone JS

By our offshore development services, get the full benefit of backbone js to your application with interactive Webdesign.

Node JS

Hire our Node.js developer team and build dynamic real-time applications let it be for website, mobile app or software.


We help you maximize user experience through responsive, user-friendly and interactive Front-end interfaces.


Mobile App

Hire our talented and experienced mobile app developer, convert your app idea into reality & get great quality service.


Get custom iOS app development services for your unique business requirements from our iOS application expert team.

React Native

Hire React Native developers from us to build visually stunning, robust, scalable and engaging cross-platform applications.

Ember JS

Hire Ember developers for your custom Android app development to Transform your innovative app concept into Reality.


Hire an Ionic developer who provides exceptional hybrid mobile app development services for startups to enterprise.


Hire dedicated iOS app developers & get customized iOS app for your business at affordable price


Kentico in React-Redux & React Native front-end development for small to large enterprises

Open Source Web Framework


Hire CMS developers for your custom CMS application development project from us on the hourly or monthly basis


Hire expert Laravel developer from us for custom and responsive full-stack Laravel web app &software services.


Get custom Vue.JS application developed projects by implementing the latest methodologies to get the best output.


We at Zeksta Technlogy, offer a wide range of development services in Yii.


Hire our PHP Developer who is an expert, experienced and dedicated who can work full time or part-time, monthly basis


Hire expert & experienced WordPress developers & programmers at an affordable cost to build responsive & custom site.


Hire passionate, dedicated and highly skilled Golang developers from us at an affordable rate for high-quality service


Hire Experienced Python developers for your custom Python development projects on hourly/full-time/monthly basis


Hire our expert Magento programmers & We could be your Magento Solution Partner with 7+ years of experience

Presta shop

Hire expert Prestashop developer & programmer from us who can work full time or part-time, monthly basis or hourly basis


Hire dedicated Woo-commerce developers for your custom web development from us who will fulfill your requirement

Ruby on Rails

Hire expert Ruby on Rails developer & programmer from us who can work full time or part-time, monthly basis or hourly basis

Nop Commerce

Our NopCommerce developers provide result-driven development solutions so that you fulfill your customer needs.

Open Source

Hire dedicated and experienced Open Source programmers from us at an affordable cost to create novel solutions.

Seasoned Specialists

We have around 5+ years of expertise in web development services. Our adroit developers have gone through more experience than the company itself.

State of the art Technology

Our developers keep evolving with the newest technology, trends and techniques to remain in synchronize and deliver superior in current dynamics.

Quality Work

“Good Enough” never delights us. we have a tendency to firmly believe delivering supreme worth that’s backed by intensive analysis and well-defined development strategy.

Price And Time Flexibility

Need a development to be done, however in a very short time leash? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Leverage our level of technical and development to try to to it effectively.

Task Possession

This is what distinguishes us from the remaining web development service providers. Our adroit developers voluntarily head the state of affairs if they believe they will perform.

Significant Price Savings

Totally different time frames and therefore the quantity of work also varies consequently. Our development services stand fasts through your time and cash.

Hire Our Dedicated Offshore IT Indian Developers to get the best ROI

Zeksta Technology is offering you instant access to highly dedicated developers to extend your team cost-effectively. we ensure you to have peace of mind Without the hassles of continuous monitoring of the developer’s work, by letting you hire Indian programmers from us.

Zeksta Technology’s hire developer service is a one-stop solution for all your development needs. Leverage our world-class development expertise Whether you require programmers for your own project or for your client’s project or to manage an offshore development team for IT technical support & maintenance services, with an in-house team to convert your business idea into a reality.

Frequently Asking Questions

For what reason would it be advisable for me to think about business content? That might be little bit risky to have crew member like them.
  • An opportunity to work with dedicated and skilled developers.
  •  A total manage over the improvement process.
  •  Hiring a committed team guarantees Quality Assurance and Risk Minimization.

We will provide you with a committed Scrum Master (Project Manager) to manage your assignment and team, without any extra charges. At a free of cost..

  •  A shared QA will be furnished to assure excellent without any cost.
  •  And at last, not least is the truth that developer’s work as a part of your team.

Hire Dedicated Developers from us who work according to your time zone(EST/PST/CST/MST), milestone and deadline. For more get in touch with us at solutions@zeksta.com

Yes, the dedicated developers your hire from us will work on your project as your employees as per your requirement only. You will have the total access to developers through emails, chat, Skype calls on a daily basis and whenever you want.

We follow Agile and Scrum methodologies. In Scrum, on every day of a sprint, the team holds an everyday scrum assembly known as the “each day scrum.” Meetings are usually held within the same location (we use Skype / Hangout / GoToMeeting / slack/voice call for communication) and at the identical time every day. Ideally, a daily scrum assembly is held in the morning, as it helps set the context for the coming day’s work. These scrum conferences are time-boxed to 10 to 15 minutes. During each day scrum, every team member answers the subsequent 3


  1. What did you do the day prior to this ?
  2. What will you do today ?
  3. Are there any blockers on your way ?

By that specialize in what each developer accomplished yesterday and could accomplish today, the group profits awesome know-how of what work has been carried out and what work remains, so that is how you could have full transparency and manipulate over your project and developers.

You will have total ownership of your whole project. It includes the NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

Hire developers in India to cherish the following benefits:

  1. Cost-effective and adaptability in hiring model.
  2. 100% ASCII text file authorization.
  3. Skilled and intimate programmers and development team from the Indian.
  4. Adherence to the project timeline.
  5. Complete participation and your management on the team.
  6. Daily reports for watching team performance.
  7. The team is well & seamlessly accessible anytime – anyplace.
  8. Secure development space.
  9. Meetings and daily reports to update the client with project standing.

Full-Time Hiring

8 hrs / day
5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 2 Month

Part Time Hiring

4 hrs / day
5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

Depends on hrs / day
5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
7 Days

Hire Dedicated Developers as Per Your Requirement from India Great communication, Excellent code, and Top-Notch Development services Recommeding Zeksta!

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