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Our professional Bootstrap developers at zeksta offer one of the best bootstrap web development services in India. Regardless of your industry vertical, we provide simple but powerful responsive Bootstrap design and development service. We at zeksta follow a flexible hiring model to help you choose developers that best suit your needs. You can hire our development team either as a part of your internal team or as a separate offshore team.

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Bootstrap Development Company

Zeksta technologies is counted among the top-ranking bootstrap development companies in India. We house a team of passionate and hardworking Bootstrap Developers with proficiency in building responsive applications in the Bootstrap framework. We offer agile technology solutions to those who need a perceptive web design for their websites and applications. No matter if you are a startup or an enterprise, our Bootstrap Development company caters to all your software development needs that meet your user expectations.

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular Frontend Framework developed by the team at Twitter for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. It is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code designed to help build user interface components. Bootstrap is an open-source tool that helps developers to build apps from start to finish using design time-savers like Sass variables included in Bootstrap’s built-in tool.

Our Hire Dedicated Bootstrap developers services

Custom app development

We have rich domain expertise in building customized apps for all kinds of websites using bootstrap framework that suits your business needs.

Bootstrap integration with cross-platform

Our Bootstrap development team ensures the compatibility of the framework with all modern browsers versions and platforms.

Plugins development

Our dedicated Bootstrap developers build customized feature-rich plugins as per specific business needs.

Bootstrap up-gradation service

Get your Bootstrap site upgraded to the latest version and eliminate the virus attacks and malware with our bootstrap up-gradation service.

Bootstrap consultation

Zeksta offers world-class Bootstrap consultation services where we provide expert advice on bootstrap framework management.

Bootstrap support and maintenance services

We offer support & maintenance services for Bootstrap web applications. Our maintenance services include thorough diagnostics and patching to fix bugs and glitches.

Why you should hire dedicated Bootstrap developers from zeksta technology?

Complete analysis of requirement

Zeksta developers perform complete analysis of the project and provide the most reliable web development solution as per your business’ obligations.

Cost effective

Zeksta offers flexible and cost effective engagement models to meet budget constraints without compromising on project delivery time.

Dedicated teams

Our highly skilled Dedicated development teams leverage their in-depth knowledge in bootstrap  to cater to your specific development needs.

Well designed apps

We follow the most modern UI/UX design trends to achieve eye-catchy & easy-to-use design.

Agile methodology

We employ proven Agile practices and scrum methodology for project execution to ensure quality with high performance  and on-time delivery of the project .

Advanced security & scalability

We ensure maximum scalability & protection of your web applications by applying advanced security measures.

The industry that we serve






Media & Entertainment


Travel & Tourism


Transport and logistics


IT solutions


Banking & Finance



Advantages of Hire Dedicated bootstrap developers service

Flexible and easy to use

Bootstrap gives the designers the adaptability to create a flexible website. It is very easy and quite simple to use for designing and development.

Highly responsive:

With bootstrap, you can easily create responsive design. Adjusts itself according to the screen size in any platform or device like desktop, laptop, mobile etc.

Fast and Time-Saving Framework:

The biggest advantage of Bootstrap is that it increases the development speed and gets the work done in a very short time. This makes development easy.

Packaged JavaScript Modules:

Bootstrap supports JavaScript Components. It comprises JavaScript Components like tooltips, modal windows, alerts etc. to add functionalities easily.

Cross browser compatible:

Bootstrap is designed in such a way that our web-page will look the same in almost all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.

Frequent updates:

Bootstrap releases a bigger number of updates than any other framework. With bootstrap you can be rest assured that you are working with the most recent tools.

Hire Dedicated Bootstrap Developers Based On Your Requirement

Full-Time Hiring

8 hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 2 Month

Part Time Hiring

4 hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

Depends on hrs / day

5 days / week

Email, skype, Phone


Hiring Period
7 Days

Comparison Of Dedicated Bootstrap Developers Over In-House And Freelance Developers

Hire Dedicated DevelopersIn houseFreelancers
Pricing ( weekly average)1.5X2X1X
Time to get right developers1 day – 2 weeks4 – 12 weeks1 – 12 weeks
Time to start project1 day – 2 weeks2 – 10 weeks 1 – 10 weeks
Time to scale size of team48 hours – 1 week4 – 16 weeks1 – 12 weeks
Agile MethodologyYes Sometimes No
Recurring cost of training and benefits0$10,000 – $30,0000
Project managerYesSometimes No
Project failure riskWe have 95% success rateLow Very high
Developers backed by delivery teamYesSometimesNo
Dedicated resourcesYesYesSometimes
Quality assuranceYesSometimes No
Business analysisYesYesNo
Flexible working hours ( as per your time zone)YesSometimesNo
Assured work40 hrs/week40 hrs/weekNot fixed
Tools and professional environmentJira and TrelloVariesN. A