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We are the best ecommerce website development solutions provider in India.  The online revolution has paved the way for digital wonders to which we all bear witness today and Ecommerce is one of them. 

Ecommerce or simply called “Online shopping” is the sale and purchase of services and goods over the Internet. Ecommerce is pulling consumers away from traditional stores. Shoppers armed with laptops and mobile phones are drawn towards purchasing online rather than going to a physical store. They like to shop on the go. They want to be able to quickly and easily look for what they want, find it, and then hit that “add to cart” button without stepping out of their home or office.

This has led to a rapid rise in the demand for E-commerce platforms for both B2B & B2C sectors.  

Taking your store online can unimaginably benefit you. Whether you are in the course of setting up your e-commerce store or already have one but looking to develop it, we have got you covered.

Why Ecommerce website Development Solutions?

Ecommerce offers your business a wide range of options, starting from marketing opportunities to increasing your product lines to generating more sales. An optimized and well-developed website can do wonders for you in terms of ROI.

Brand visibility & reach

An Ecommerce website is an ideal platform to take your brand online from a traditional brick-and-mortar store. You can gain more traffic through search engines. A shopper looking to buy something can follow a link on the search engine result page and land on your website. Due to the internet accessibility, millions of people across the world can view your website at any time, anywhere which means you can reach a larger audience and show your products without any geographical limitations.

It's more convenient

An eCommerce store is available 24/7. This means your potential customers can visit your website whenever they want regardless of their schedule. It eliminates the need to travel to a physical store and saves a lot of time. A customer can locate a product quickly on a website with just a few mouse clicks from the comfort of their homes

Provide abundant information

There are limitations as to how much information can be displayed in a physical store. An e-commerce website can make any information that your customers are looking for, easily available at fingertips. With this platform, you can share information through blogs, social media along with online customer service.

Lower cost

The biggest benefit of owning an eCommerce website is the lower cost. The automation of billing, checkout, inventory management, and other operations lower the number of employees required to run an online store. As all the activities are done online, it doesn’t require a physical location which can save you a lot of money.

Marketing opportunities

Your Ecommerce website is the best marketing tool you have for your business. You can showcase your product or service to the world on a single website using different advertising channels and marketing techniques, all of which can link back to your website. You can target more customers using the information they provide on the registration form on your website.


If you plan to take your business up a notch by growing your product range and your target audience or if you want to change it according to your consumer needs, An e-commerce site lets you do that allowing you to add more lines, add more payment options, without having to worry about changing your location or moving to a larger premise.

Zeksta Takes care of all the e-commerce website development Solutions

We offer a complete e-commerce solution package. We take everything you want for an e-commerce website to get started.

Select Your choice of the latest versions of woo-commerce, Magento and Shopify frameworks.
SSL Certificate.
Unlimited Email accounts, FTP accounts, Email aliases & forwarders, MySQL databases & Sub-domains.
Proper setup, installation, and configuration.
Premium plugins for security purpose, speed & cache, image compression, and optional CDN.
 Substantial Knowledge Base Articles, Tutorials & Videos
 Automated and Manual Professional Backups
 Website Migration  Service
 SSD Storage
 CPANEL Hosting, Control Panel
 Security Reviews & Patches by using custom high-performance settings.
 24/7/365 Expert Monitoring of Performance & Security
 No Contracts! So Cancel at any time.
 And much more! Still, do you need a theme installed or customized? We are always ready to help with that too!

End to End Ecommerce Website Development solutions

Custom web design for Ecommerce

Our eCommerce website design company in India will design a website that will let you stay ahead in the game while offering a seamless shopping experience to the users.

Customized eCommerce store.

Our eCommerce website development services in India offer solutions that are customizable as per your requirements enabling you to run a hassle-free online store.

Shopping cart development.

Our eCommerce website design company in India will design a website that will let you stay ahead in the game while offering a seamless shopping experience to the users.

Ecommerce marketplace.

The eCommerce marketplace is an omnichannel model that has proven to be the most profitable business in eCommerce. Our world-class eCommerce development services will build a model that will showcase different brands of products coming from multiple vendors under one platform, that is your Ecommerce website.

Module and plugin development:

Our team of eCommerce developers emphasizes growing your eCommerce stores potential by developing state-of-the-art modules and plugins facilitating enhanced performance for your website.

Highly Responsive eCommerce websites.

Our Ecommerce development strategy aims to provide a long-lasting user experience by designing highly responsive websites that work just as smoothly and efficiently on any device.

Ecommerce application development.

We build apps that are easy to install and use on mobile devices making it way easier for your potential customers to access your online store while on the move.

Secure payment gateways

We integrate secure payment gateways into your eCommerce store enabling fast and risk-free online transactions between you and your customers.

Maintenance and support

If you ever come across a hitch, Our Ecommerce maintenance & support team has got your back. We provide round a clock solution to your problem assisting you every step of the way.

The industry that we serve


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Why Us

Well designed eCommerce website

We are an e-commerce development company that develops a high-quality website ensuring the best performance, security, and user experience using the latest tools and technologies. We follow modern eCommerce design trends to create an eye-catchy design that will make your eCommerce store different from the rest.

Mobile-friendly eCommerce store

Our Ecommerce development team at zeksta with years of experience will design an eCommerce store that has a mobile-friendly user interface and also develop mobile apps allowing your customers to visit your store any time, from anywhere.

Ecommerce marketing

Marketing is an integral part of any business that cannot be ignored. Our experienced eCommerce marketing team will devise a perfect marketing strategy for you to boost the online visibility of your brand and products. We implement data-driven SEO techniques and other marketing tools to increase your website traffic and bring more customers to your business.

Chatbox Integration

We design and integrate an advanced yet convenient chatbox into your eCommerce website, ensuring 24/7 support for your customers. This chatbox makes it easier for your customers to communicate with you with regards to any concerns that they might have.

Ecommerce analytics

Our Ecommerce development team at zeksta with years of experience will design an eCommThe main purpose of analytics is to understand your customers and this is of vital importance for the success of your online store. Our Ecommerce analytics team at Zeksta will help you analyze your customer behavior and interest using our advanced analytical tools and devise strategies accordingly leading to more conversions.erce store that has a mobile-friendly user interface and also develop mobile apps allowing your customers to visit your store any time, from anywhere.

Certified team

Zeksta houses a certified team of Ecommerce designers & developers, who specialize in various eCommerce platforms such as Magento, woo commerce, Shopify, etc. With their in-depth knowledge and expertise in various Ecommerce technologies, we build a website that will not only offer you and your customers a seamless experience but also set your business on a path to global recognition

Frequently Asking Questions

Choosing the right platform for Ecommerce web development depends on your business objectives., your business size,  your design preference, pricing and payment options, etc. The top Ecommerce platforms are Magento, Shopify & Woo-commerce.

The overall cost to build an Ecommerce website varies from company to company. The cost is determined by the following factors like design, development, SEO & marketing, maintenance, and support. It also depends on your business requirements.

The time to build a fully functional website depends on many factors.

Our development team will always keep you updated on the progress through Emails, skype, Trello, jeera, or Whatsapp. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project who will help you understand the developments in a better way.

Zeksta has a dedicated team of marketers, well equipped with the latest marketing tools and strategies who will help you promote your Ecommerce store, drive traffic to your website, and convert leads into sales.

Yes. Our development team implements a responsive website design method to ensure that every Ecommerce site works smoothly and efficiently on a wide variety of screen sizes, from mobile phones to tablets to large-screen desktop monitors.

Our developers work with SEO specialists and build websites that are search engine friendly. Our SEO team follows the best SEO practices and ensures that your website adheres to search engine guidelines making it easier for the search engines to locate your website resulting in a higher ranking of your website.

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