development methodology

Our development process

Picking the right development process is crucial for meeting defined goals and delivering results on time and within budget.

Zeksta technology is a software development company that converts your ideas into scalable and reliable software solutions. We at zeksta adhere to some of the well-established software development practices in order to produce the best results for your business. This enables us to provide high-quality software solutions at a reasonable cost while meeting strict deadlines. 

We employ the Agile software development methodology to create customized software products that are easily adaptable to the needs of your business. We specialize in Agile techniques for software development as we aim to promote a disciplined project management process.

Agile Software development process cycle

Research & Planning

Our software developers work with you to find out what the particular software will be used for and gather necessary information with regard to the project. Our marketing team conducts market research and competitor analysis at this point. Then we lay out a strategy based on our research and your business requirements and develop a “requirement specification” document that will be used as a guide.


At this stage, the software is designed according to the instructions in the ‘Requirement Specification’ document. The hardware and system requirements are defined in the design stage. This stage helps us define the overall system architecture.


The actual coding is done in the development stage. Our expert coders produce codes based on the design specifications. This is the longest phase in the development process


The software is tested to make sure it meets all the requirements that were determined in the first stage. Software testing such as system testing, unit testing, acceptance testing, and integration testing is carried out. The main purpose of testing the software is to evaluate the quality of software to find and fix defects.

Implementation & Deployment

In this phase the code is taken and put somewhere people can use such as a web server. The software is then deployed. Our development team then works with content writers to produce documentation such as user manuals.


Once the software is released, our developers review the product to ensure that all the client requirements are met and that the software continues to perform as per the expectations. During this stage, our support team will report issues, and developers will work with testers to make improvements.