Custom Healthcare software Development Services

Zeksta technology is a top notch healthcare software development company in India. We build secure and regulatory compliant software solutions for companies in the healthcare sector that help them leverage technological innovation to automate internal processes, enhance the customer experience, and manage medical information more efficiently. With our healthcare expertise, we create smart healthcare applications catering to the needs of doctors, patients, medical ISVs, and health enthusiasts.

Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

EMR and EHR Solutions

Zeksta offers custom EMR and EHR software development services that promote interoperability, improve doctor-patient communication, streamline clinical workflows, and maximize clinical productivity amongst healthcare organizations.

Mhealth software solutions

Our mHealth App Development Services include the  health information exchange apps, fitness tracking apps, hospital management apps, provider-based portals, wearable technology, real-time monitoring sensors, embedded applications, on-demand virtual doctor apps with HIPAA-compliant video-streaming.

Healthcare Business Intelligence solutions

Our customized BI software helps healthcare providers to accurately predict the demand for medical services and hospital staff. Hospitals and healthcare professionals can utilize our business intelligence solutions to always be prepared and well-planned, even in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Custom telehealth solutions

Zeksta’s telehealth service solutions provide on-demand access to care for patients while reducing the workload for medical professionals. With our solutions, patients can connect with a doctor anytime from any location, and providers can allocate their resources effectively and acquire new patients at reasonable costs.

Healthcare CRM

Our custom healthcare CRMs help you take customer relationships to a whole new level through automation of administrative tasks, AI-driven marketing, and tailored experiences. Our CRM solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, to cater to your requirements.

Medical Image Analysis

We create medical image analysis software with ML technology to effectively analyze data and generate detailed and actionable information on patient conditions. Our ML-driven image analysis software offers a range of benefits for practitioners, researchers, and decision-makers.

Why choose Zeksta for Custom healthcare software development services?

Healthcare Domain Knowledge
Zeksta houses skilled developers with years of experience in building healthcare software solutions that allow us to foster healthcare innovations across the healthcare sector.
Complete Data Security and Privacy
Our cybersecurity experts help you ensure the total security of your sensitive medical data. We ensure full compliance with the required industry standards, including HIPAA.
Regulatory standards & Compliance
Our developers ensure every software product we build fully complies with the healthcare standards and regulations, such as HITECH, HIPAA, ICD-10, DICOM, and others to ensure its authenticity and reliability.
Focus on UX & UI
Our designers ensure seamless  UX as our top priority to deliver multi-screen solutions. Our experts make use of medical specialization-specific UI and UX for better navigation and ease of use.
Latest technology
We employ developers well versed in the latest healthcare tools and technologies like ML, big data, VR & AR, and artificial intelligence to provide healthcare solutions that meet the modern standards.
Transparency & support
We at zeksta maintain 100% transparency throughout the development process. Our  support team provides round-the-clock support & maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of the product even after the delivery.

Our healthcare expertise

Big data & Analytics

Our team of data analytic experts analyzes large volumes of unstructured data from a range of sources to create interactive dashboards accessible to non-tech users.


Apply our Artificial intelligence to improve diagnostic accuracy, treatment efficiency, and operational performance in executing complex medical-related tasks.


Our advanced cybersecurity techniques can protect sensitive medical data and ensure HIPAA or other healthcare confidentiality regulations are met.

Clinical workflow automation

Utilize our workflow automation tool to automate manual tasks & repetitive tasks for hospital asset tracking and revenue cycle management.


We help you migrate your data to the cloud to accelerate the delivery of innovative healthcare services as well as improve system uptime while following security and compliance standards.

UI/UX design

Our UI/UX designers deliver a superior user experience to both patients and medical staff to overcome usability challenges and ensure intuitive interactions across different applications and devices.

In this 30 min session, we cover
  • Well structured analysis of your project requirement.
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Actionable recommendations on technology.
  • Our SDLC best practices and quality standards we follow.
  • Advise on cost effective solutions.
  • Market fit analysis to show how your product satisfies your target audience
  • Ballpark estimate and time-frame for development.
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