Vizzve App

We developed an easy and robust lending platform that is fully automated which reduces loan processing time and paperwork and enables online approvals.


Technology Stack

Angular 11

Flutter 2.3

Node.js 6.14.11

Cashfree payment gateway

Email API: Sendrid

SMS API: roundsms

MySql database

IDE: Android studio


Project Overview

When students and young professionals are in urgent need of quick cash, they are left with very few options. Either seek a personal loan from traditional banks, which can be a time-consuming process requiring a lot of paperwork and multiple document submissions, Or take a loan through a credit card. But again, the interest rates are very high.

In order to help these individuals facing a cash crunch, Vizzve wanted to build an app to provide safe and hassle-free instant cash loans to students and salaried professionals.

Vizzve is a finance and loan company located in Bangalore, India.

Project Goal

The primary goal of Vizzve was to create a simple & secure loan app that enables students and salaried professionals to apply for short term loans at their fingertips and get loans approved in a matter of minutes.

Our Development Strategy

Before the project began, there was a lack of clarity in the requirements as no requirement document was provided. To deal with this situation, we followed the agile development method with a weekly sprint approach where our development team was in constant touch with the product owner. The product owner helped us with the project requirement. This also helped clients get feedback from the users on a weekly basis. Our development process in agile methodology consisted of the most basic set of deliverables, followed by planning, implementing, and testing the next set of features in subsequent iterations thus increasing the agility of the development team.

Vizzve App features and design

We developed an easy and robust lending platform that is fully automated which reduces loan processing time and paperwork and enables online approvals. The app is crafted with all the must-have features so that the users can have a hassle-free experience while applying for loans.

The app supports both IOS & Android platforms. We implemented Flutter, Angular technology that allows for rapid cross-platform development. The backend was built on a highly scalable NodeJS server to deliver best in class performance to the app.


App architecture

The app is divided into 3 components

  • User interface
  • Loan interface
  • Support interface

We designed an all-in-one Admin dashboard that enables admins to see loan requests, Loan information, principal balance, due date, breakups of loans, etc.

When a user applies for a loan through the app, the loan request goes through multiple reviewer levels in the admin panel. The reviewer 1 checks what amount has been requested, what kind of loan request it is, Is the user eligible. Based on these factors, the loan will be approved or rejected.

Verification Process

We received wireframes from the client and implemented them into the design part of the app. At this stage, our primary focus was on crafting an intuitive design of the app. We used a unique color combination that delivers an eye-catching appearance.  The end result was an interface that offers a seamless user experience to its users. Reviewer 2 Re-Checks And Re-Verifies Before Disbursing The Amount.

We integrated the Credit Score API for KYC and bank account verifications. We designed additional fields to capture user details like student’s college university information or employment information and automated the process which helped the back-end Admin team to make quick loan processing decisions. The app is equipped with a notification alert feature so that the users don’t miss out on anything important.



In a matter of 3 months, a fully functional “Vizzve Microseva instant loan” app was designed and launched in the market. Users truly loved this app. The clients saw

Over 700+ downloads

in 4 days

80% increase

in 4 days

10% growth

in 4 days

We wanted an app that not only made it easy to apply for loan, but also offered rich user experience. Zeksta gave us just that. With the perfect blend of technology and UI design, Zeksta built an app that is loved by all our users.”


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