zeksta quarterly award ceremony

Zeksta Technology’s Virtual Quarterly Award Ceremony – Q1 2022

July 17th 2021, Saturday, was a remarkable and memorable day for all the zekstians (that’s what we call the employees of zeksta). On this day, for the first time, Zeksta technology hosted an event called “Quarterly Award Ceremony” to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of zeksta employees through rewards and appreciation. 

The award ceremony was conducted online. Yes, the lockdown forced us to stay home, preventing any office gatherings in the wake of the pandemic. But our team spirit remained undeterred. Despite the odds, all the zekstians connected virtually to participate in the ceremony displaying a great deal of zest and commitment. We were so intrigued and excited as this was our first virtual award ceremony. 

The ceremony was kicked off with a “getting to know” conversation with the newcomers, followed by addressing the concerns of employees by the management, a little chit chat and lots of laughter. 

And then came the moment everyone was eagerly waiting for – The announcement of the winners of the “Employee of the Quarter” & the “Rising star of the Quarter” awards. All of us were on tenterhooks and fingers crossed trying to guess who the winners were. Finally, the winners were announced. Arpitha from the digital marketing team was declared the “Employee of the Quarter” and Mohit from the application development team was declared the “Rising star of the quarter”. Both the winners expressed their joy and gratitude, marking the end of the award ceremony event. 

Speaking of award ceremonies, let’s pause to ponder why it is important to have an Award ceremony in the first place?  What is the significance of these awards?

When your employee has been doing an excellent job, It’s time to hold an award ceremony. 

The reason is obvious!

Every employee wants to feel a sense of accomplishment in their workplace. No one would want to feel like their hard work wasn’t worthwhile.

Like Mary Kay Ash, the founder of the Mary Kay cosmetics said, and I quote,

 “People want to be recognized and valued for the work they have done”. 

Presenting awards at a special ceremony is a great way to recognize employees’ achievements and accomplishments. This inspires employees to become more engaged in their work, and more motivated to go that extra mile. It’s vital to make sure your employees feel there’s more to getting the job done than simply receiving a pat on the back. 

Besides, expressing appreciation for good work helps to build a work environment that is positive, productive, and engaging. Employees are often motivated to work harder, to strive for excellence especially if there are incentives involved and we all benefit from it. This ensures employees are not only being recognized and rewarded for their hard work but that every other employee gets a feel for the kind of quality work winners put in.

Hosting an award ceremony once in a month or a quarter can boost your organization’s reputation. In fact, this kind of engagement helps your business stay on a course for success. 

The award ceremony also creates a window of opportunity for celebration. Employees will get the much-needed break, allowing them to get their minds off things and escape their jam-packed schedule. At the same time, It gives them a chance to get together and share stories and experiences that strike a chord with everyone. 

There’s no denying that Zeksta technology, an IT company in India has gone out of its way by hosting the award ceremony to make their employees feel special, to ensure their hard work and commitment are appreciated and admired.  Zeksta has proved time and time again that their employees are their most valuable asset by encouraging an employee-centric culture throughout the organization and by showing unconditional support towards their employees’ individual growth. 

We as zekstians feel privileged to be a part of the zeksta family. We are looking forward to joining hands for the  future events in zeksta. We are really excited to work together on upcoming projects and contribute to achieving the company’s vision and global recognition for the organization.