why we should invest in mobile apps

Why should you invest in mobile apps?

“How do I gain a competitive edge ?” This is what most entrepreneurs around the world often ask. The answer to this question is mobile apps.

Let me explain!

We live in a time when businesses no longer use traditional methods to market their products, such as handing out leaflets, printing advertisements, and erecting billboards.

Time has changed and the world has gone mobile!

Today, smartphone users are gaining momentum. Around 80% of the population now has access to mobile phones. These handheld devices can be equipped with mobile applications packed with useful features and utilities. 

That’s one of the major reasons why people use mobile phones to meet their everyday needs, whether it’s booking a taxi, shopping, or buying online tickets. The modern world is heavily dependent on apps. In fact, businesses are capitalizing on these mobile apps to find potential customers. 

The goal of any business is to increase its audience base, brand popularity, sales, and revenue generation. These goals can be met with mobile apps. Not just goals but mobile apps can help businesses in identifying multiple growth opportunities and generating significant revenue. Moreover, they can benefit tremendously in terms of customer relationships and customer retention. While there is still some skepticism surrounding mobile apps, it is crucial to understand at this point that a mobile-first approach would be the best approach if you want your business to succeed.

Here are the top reasons why every business should invest in mobile apps 

1. Marketing tool

Mobile apps work as a great marketing tool for any business. A mobile app does a great job when it comes to providing information to its customers. Using the app’s push notification feature, business owners can send out alert messages about new offers, discounts, coupons, new launches, bookings, updates, and so on. This push notification feature has turned out to be a boon for all business owners helping them improve their product sales and revenue generation. A mobile app is a perfect alternative to traditional marketing techniques

2. Increase customer engagement

Focusing on your engagement level is one of the most effective ways to increase brand loyalty and revenue generation. A great strategy to keep your users engaged with your brand is to offer unique features in the app that are more engaging than the web. Perhaps the most important feature is segmented targeting. User segmentation enables you to send personalized in-app messages, provide accurate user recommendations, and gain a better understanding of typical customer’s journeys.

 3. Increase brand presence

It’s no secret that mobile apps are among the best tools for increasing your brand’s visibility in today’s highly competitive world. According to research, the average person spends between 2 and 3 hours a day on their mobile device. During this time, they experiment with different apps and use them according to their preferences. While doing so,  they notice the brand logos, images, etc. on the app. Your brand name will stick in the minds of users who use your app and see your logo on a regular basis. As a result, your brand becomes more visible.

4. Offer better customer service

According to studies in the customer service industry, the majority of customers now seek assistance via mobile. Mobile applications have taken customer service to a whole new level, thanks to their easy-to-use features. Embedding an intelligent, easy-to-use help center into your app, provides customers with an instant, easy and responsive way of contacting and interacting with your brand.  If someone learns about your company in the middle of the night and has questions, he would definitely benefit from having an app.

5. Collect customer’s insight

By integrating analytics tools into their apps, business owners can gather insights from their users with ease. This gives them access to information about the customer’s activities, preferences, and behavior while using the app. Based on the data, they can create an effective marketing campaign to increase the sales of their products and services. Mobile apps also allow you to collect user information, which can be used for ad targeting and making recommendations based on previous purchases.

Final thoughts

Mobile apps are a necessity rather than a luxury.  A mobile app can be extremely useful for any type of business, be it is a small, medium, or large enterprise. Whether you want to improve the customer experience, increase engagement, or increase sales, launching your own app can help you get there.

Have you been trying hard to improve your business processes and increase your profit margins lately? A mobile app might just be the missing link. 


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