employee evolution

The Evolution of the Employee

Employees are no more workers of the organization, they constitute the foremost part of the organization or business. Also, organizational culture is changing based on the form of business, leading to the evolution of employees.

Here is a comparison of the past and future of employee work culture.

Working Hours

As we know major corporate follow the timing range of 9 AM to 5 PM, what we call a 9-5 job. But, Now also in future work is not time-bound and it is flexible. At any convenient time, we can work to deliver the utmost productivity.

Work Place

Many of us are bound to work in an organized corporate office, During COVID19 lock-down time we realized that numerous businesses can work from home without a corporate office in the same way in the future there is no workplace constraint.

Desk & Office Gadgets

Portable devices are available and we can remote control devices. To that extent, We are technically advanced. Also, an employee doesn’t have to depend on office devices for work. Desktops are replaced by laptops.

Employee Input/output

To define achieve goals we must focus on output. That’s how the future workforce incorporates into better growth and productivity environment. Focusing on input is worth it to some extent but focusing on output is always a good attribute.


“Treat Employees like They make a difference and they will”.~Jim Goodnight.


Corporate ladder

Gone are times when employees were working and focusing only on the corporate ladder. Now It is time to focus on our ladder to learning to adapt to new technologies, update working culture, become expert in one stream, cope up with technological advancement, and so on which helps to find good opportunities rather than corporate ladder.

Work Format

Every designation in the office has predefined work that is allocated to a particular employee. In the past, he has to work on only those tasks. But now adaptability matters a lot than routine. Hence, Customized work will be a future trend.

Hoarding/Sharing Information

Now transparent information-sharing culture is been adopted no hoarding of information. Everything is transparent which helps every employee to plan further. Clear instructions give better performance.

Growth opportunities

There is no one-way communication in agile-based organizations, every employee’s opinion matters for the organization’s decision. In the past one-way communication was dominant but now and in the future, it is not the case, which enables one to become a leader through their thought and mindset.

Communication Platform

Professionals were addicted to the mail system for information systems. It is no more encouraged for all kinds of work. Except for email, there are many technically advanced tools that help to collaborate and communicate such as Skype, GoogleDrive, Slack, box, Microsoft office, internal software, etc.,


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”—Sir Winston Churchill.


Skill proficiency

Knowledge, education, learning are always different what keeps updating us is learning-based of the skill requisite adaptive learning helps us to improve proficiency and perform better. That’s what all the organizations are looking for.

Corporate/Democratized learning

Democratized learning helps to learn from several sources which empower the knowledge to utilize for work. Corporate learning and development training still helps in many sectors. But Democratized learning dominates over corporate learning.

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