Agile Outsourcing

Is outsourcing your project to an offshore agile team a good idea?

With more variants of coronavirus looming on the horizon, companies across the globe are struggling to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. In the midst of this pandemic, Agile is regarded as one of the most potent tools in the software development space. 
Today, many software companies adopt the agile methodology for software development. In fact, agile-based development has become a must-have for clients in far-flung corners of the globe. They want to combine the benefits of outsourcing (cost savings, easier access to a larger talent pool, etc.) with the flexibility of agile methodology. 
In today’s world of software development, Agile and outsourcing collaboration is extremely popular. Though Agile works best with face-to-face communication, it can also work well in a remote setting. IT outsourcing firms have years of experience adapting Agile to the remote environment, as well as developing processes and tools to run effective distributed Agile teams. Why choose Agile software development outsourcing over in-house development? Agile methodology is hailed as one of the best software development methodologies, particularly in times of uncertainty when you need to adapt and respond to changes quickly.  

Here are a few benefits of Agile software development outsourcing 

Benefits of agile

1. Faster product delivery

An agile development team can be spread across several business locations. This mode of operation is commonly known as distributed agile development. This approach allows the software to be built around the clock, resulting in faster product delivery.

2. Improved quality

One of the biggest advantages of Agile software development is that it allows breaking the project down into smaller, manageable units, which allows for testing and reviews at each iteration. As a result, it is much easier to detect and fix flaws at an early stage of the development process.

3. Reduced cost

The cost of bug fixing can quickly add up during the development process. However, due to the constant quality monitoring at each sprint of the Agile software development process, the number of bugs in the software reduces. As a result, the project cost can go down significantly. 

4. Cost predictability

Before each sprint, an Agile development team can estimate how long it will take to develop a specific feature. It is easier to predict the cost of the features because of the fixed number of working hours in each sprint. 

5. Flexibility

One of the crucial benefits of Agile software development outsourcing is the ability to adapt and introduce changes when required. Changes and new features can be introduced in a few weeks using the Agile software development model. 

Challenges of outsourcing agile development!

  challenges of agile The remote setting may create challenges for Agile software development teams as the agile methodology requires a higher level of collaboration. When companies decide to outsource their Agile software development, they must consider two factors:
  1. Establishing the technical practices required for the development of the software itself. These will be followed by everyone in the company.
  2. Establishing clear, effective lines of communication across all teams. This enables productive collaboration regardless of location.

Here are some strategies that can be employed to tackle these challenges

  strategies for agile

1. Choose an agile partner

While it is important that each team member possess certain technical abilities and a positive attitude in order to contribute to the success of your company, it is just as important to see if they have a mindset of adaptability, agility, and continuous improvement. A true software partner is invested in the long-term success of the client.  They must also collaborate effectively with the rest of the team, as Agile development emphasizes teamwork. When choosing a vendor, you should also look into their professional credentials, such as whether they are a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, or Certified Scrum Product Owner, Also check if they have won any awards for their outsourcing or technology expertise?

2. Communicate effectively

Excellent communication between the client and the offshore development team is essential in agile projects. When considering outsourcing a project, the first consideration should be “communication,” as it aids in overcoming geographical and linguistic barriers. It is useful to leverage technologies to support team communication.  There are a plethora of communication tools available in today’s world of wireless connectivity and smartphones. Instant messaging brings everyone together, regardless of where they are. Calling apps like WhatsApp enable free communication with teammates on the other side of the world. Video conferencing tools, such as Skype, are ideal for strategy meetings or group discussions. Clients must also designate a dedicated representative. This person must be well-versed in all aspects of the project and capable of communicating information to the offshore team.

3. Automation & tools

Every iteration of agile development includes continuous integration and unit testing. To create high-quality software, you must stay current on industry tools. To deliver working software on a regular basis, automation must be built into every step of the process. The test automation framework should be designed to provide tests that are simple to understand. The framework should be simple to maintain, executed at the appropriate level, and capable of running quickly. The framework should allow for regularly scheduled executions, and failing tests should be addressed as soon as possible. If you want your team to use new tools or practices, arrange for expert demonstrations so that everyone understands how it works.

Final thoughts

As mentioned earlier, outsourcing your project to an offshore software development team can offer huge benefits such as reduced costs, higher-quality output, and improved efficiency to name a few. Zeksta technology is a leading agile software development company in India. We employ the Agile software development methodology to create customized software products that are easily adaptable to the needs of your business. If you are looking to outsource your project, feel free to reach out to us.