Deepak Mishra

What is the Best Platform to Develop Mobile Application??

We have lots of platforms to develop an application like Android, flutter, React native, etc. But flutter is best at that time according to that time because flutter was able to generate both native applications like android and IOS as well as flutter had a good SDK to develop applications and also had the facility to access the Google API or services in a very easy manner.

Golang vs Python

Golang vs. python, which one’s worth your investment?

A common question that every developer has when discussing a project is “Which programming language should we use?“. Developers must keep in mind the following factors when choosing a programming language: Timeline Execution Scalability These three factors, if systematically thought through and put in place, will ensure smooth completion and delivery of the project.  Golang …

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Selenium Webdriver

The host (Shivani) talks about Selenium Webdriver, its advantages and installation process. Here is the Tech talk transcript Topic: Selenium Webdriver Slide 1: Agenda What is a selenium web driver? Its history? What are the advantages of selenium webdriver? How do selenium tools grow? What are the languages supported by selenium webdriver? What are the …

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Welcome to Zeksta Tech Talks

Welcome to the brand new season of Zeksta Tech Talks! It is a virtual talk show organized by Zeksta Technology. In this talk show, the host (employees of zeksta) talk on various topics ranging from latest technologies, IT solutions, website development, leadership, management, communication, personal development and much more. The talk show is held every …

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