7 Benefits Of ReactJS

Javascript ecosystem is very dynamic. New tools and libraries come regularly. For a business owner willing to take his business online, choosing the suitable tools might be a tough call. In this article, I will present the 7 benefits why you should prefer ReactJS

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of ReactJS.

What is ReactJS:

React is a declarative, component based and flexible Javascript library for building user interface. It allows you to create a fast, simple and scalable for web applications.

Reasons to choose ReactJS

Development efficiency

It takes less development time and higher quality. It allows you to write clean code, breaking the project into small components. It also allows to code reuse, which leads to the boosting of developer productivity.

Flexible and easy to maintain

It is very easy to maintain and update due to its modular structure. It significantly saves your time and money for your project maintenance.

Thinking small 

Although it is very easy to develop large scale of projects but you can go for smaller one     at the same time. It is designed with performance in mind, the library’s core feature. The bundle of the whole project is too small so that it takes very small space on the server. Thus it reduces runtime cost.

Rich user-interface

It enables you to make rich user-interface products. Rich user-interface is significantly important because users stay away from poorly designed products.

If your app has good UI experience then people would love to use your app. In order to achieve high quality of UI experiences react gives easily using declarative components.

It’s hot

Compare to another js library, its most used and reliable frontend technologies in the market. The react lovers are increasing day by day. Every day new people dive in this react zone.

The ecosystem

React has vast community and also it is growing day by day enormously. It is easy to build your own library and if you get stuck somewhere then you will be able to find the help.

SEO Friendly

The most important things to do after your product deployment on the internet is make your product optimized for search engines. Most of the javascript frameworks have not been SEO friendly. This is an issue which tends to lose the race for the most of the products on the search engine.

However, ReactJS lets the developers develop engaging user interface that can be easily navigated on search engines.


React has great features to make applications easily which is very helpful for developers and as well as a business owner. It is very less in size which does not take more space on the server. You can build following types of applications using ReactJS:

Combining the speed of the javascript with simplicity and improved performance, react js library significantly optimize the web development efforts, saving the business owner’s time and money and provide smart solutions to business.

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