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Zeksta employs highly talented and dedicated AI/ML developers who are well versed in AI/ML technology. With years of experience under their belt, our developers provide the most effective and cost-efficient AI/ML solutions that meet your business needs. We at zeksta follow a flexible hiring model to help you choose developers that best suit your needs. You can hire our development team either as a part of your internal team or as a separate offshore team.

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AI/ML development services company

Zeksta Technology is a major AI/ML development company in India. We help you serve your customers in a smarter way by applying AI to your products, services, and business operations and help you deliver a seamless customer experience. Our AI/ML services are tailored to your company’s needs, allowing you to produce higher-quality products faster and maintain better customer relations.

If you’re looking for cost-effective AI/ML development services or looking to hire an AI/ML development team.

Our AI/ML development services

Customized AI development

Our AI developers build customized AI solutions for optimizing your business processes. We can help you integrate AI into your existing tech stack that helps catalyze your business growth.

Machine learning

We use machine learning concepts to create AI solutions that can collect unstructured data and turn it into actionable insights to help you make critical business decisions.

Natural language processing (NLP)

With NLP development services we can give your business an added 097human touch by programming the virtual assistant to analyze customer feedback and sentiments that help improve customer engagement.

AI-powered mobile and web apps

Our app development team builds robust mobile and web applications powered by AI that help you provide a more user-friendly experience and value to your customers.

Chatbot development

Our AI development team develops chatbots that offer customer support through human-like conversations to your customers, to increase loyalty and customer retention.

Voice assistant

Our AI developers also build custom voice-enabled applications and voice recognition that enhance brand awareness and boost productivity through voice search for smoother and faster business operations.

Why choose zeksta as your partner for AI development services?

Experienced developers
Get high-quality AI-powered software solutions developed and delivered by a team of experienced developers who have worked for clients around the globe and are well versed in AI technology.
Cost-effective solutions
By choosing zeksta you can get AI services at an affordable cost. We believe in providing cost-effective AI solutions that are absolutely essential for your business
Security & Compliance
We implement top-notch security systems to ensure your data is in safe hands. Our security experts ensure full compliance with the required standards and regulations.
Support & Maintenance
Our support & maintenance team provides round-the-clock support to ensure the smooth functioning of the software product even after the delivery. We also work on fixing bugs and improving performance based on the user’s feedback.