Logistics and transportation

Zeksta technology is a leading logistics and transportation software development company in India. We build full-service logistics and transportation software solutions that provide a track for resources, events and guarantee performance and profitability. Our logistics and transportation web and mobile app development solutions unify supply chain, warehousing, and fleet management. If you are looking for a full-fledged logistics and transportation software solutions, look no further as zeksta technology can help you with all your requirements.

Our Logistics and transportation solutions

Fleet management solutions

We build advanced fleet management software with capability to track fleet vehicles and monitor their real-time performance and whereabouts. We create solutions that are easy to integrate and scale if needed.

Traffic management solutions

You can  keep track of vehicle flows, on-road incidents, traffic hazards, weather conditions, traffic violations and road repair data with our real-time traffic management systems powered by advanced geo-mapping and location technologies.

Transportation software solutions

We build software solutions to help transportation companies ensure optimum passenger satisfaction through streamlined booking, ticketing, safety measures, etc. We also build TMS solutions that allow cargo and courier tracking.

Custom mobile applications

We build sophisticated and feature-rich mobile applications for the logistics & transportation industry that are tailored to their requirements and help companies operate the business from the palm of their hands.

Supply chain management solutions

For your seamless supply chain management, we build smart and intelligent IoT enabled supply chain applications that can automate tasks for ease of operation throughout the supply chain.

Warehouse management systems

Fill in the gap between planning and execution of delivery services by implementing our AI-based warehouse management solutions for logistics tracking and improved inventory management.

Inventory management systems

Our cross-platform inventory management solutions facilitate tracking of items within a company, inventory levels, sales, product deliveries, and creating work orders in a systematic, and streamlined manner.

Customer centric logistics services

You can cater the users of your logistics, mobility and transportation services well by using our software solutions that are integrated with chatbots, gamification, notification & alerts, and easy payment options.

Why choose Zeksta as your logistics and transportation solutions partner

Cost management

Our development team offers cost effective solutions that aid businesses in controlling the cost by analyzing the overall budget.

Real time tracking

We being a leading logistics and transportation software company in India offer real-time tracking solutions that are useful for fleet shipments and tracking vehicles.

Advanced technology

Gain a competitive edge by implementing our cutting-edge technologies that can eliminate bottlenecks and streamline business innovation.

Transparency & support

We maintain 100% transparency throughout the development process. Our support team provides round-the-clock support & maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning of the software product even after the delivery.

Leverage our best technologies to serve your customers better

Our expertise in the latest technologies help us build robust and high performing software solutions that allow you to transcend your customers’ expectations.

Internet of things

Our Internet of Things (IoT) technology helps driving the growth of the transportation and logistics industry globally. It can help improve the End-to-End Customer Experience, Reduce Environmental Impact and Increase Safety.

Cloud & API’s

Integrate and scale transport and logistics software using decentralized cloud platforms and variable APIs. API’s help to bridge the gap of information between carriers, shippers, brokers, and other supply chain partners.

Big data and analytics

Our Big data analytics with IoT and AI/ML are helping organizations across logistics, transportation, improve visibility of their businesses, add revenue streams, improve employee safety, and enhance customer experience.

AI & Machine learning

Leverage our AI & Machine learning expertise to optimize route planning and delivery schedules, save time and money because it helps in automating various time-consuming processes and helps in generating profits.


Our designers build customer centric software solutions with the best UI/UX design that are easy to use, enjoyable, and optimal for your business needs. And help retain customers.

Location based services

Our location intelligence tools help companies uncover undetected business challenges with real-time contextual geographical data, thus helping them take better control of their internal operations.

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  • Market fit analysis to show how your product satisfies your target audience
  • Ballpark estimate and time-frame for development.
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